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Most people all over the country are staying at home right now. Maybe you’re working from home, maybe you’re not. Once you’ve gotten through all the baking recipe books, all the streaming services, and all the podcasts your ears can handle, what can you do next? Here are some ideas!

  1. Perform a mini safety inspection. Are there exposed electrical wires, glitchy appliances, broken tree limbs, cracked sidewalks, or something similar on your property? Take a few minutes to walk around and fix (or at least flag) potential safety hazards.
  2. Practice water conservation. A lot of toilets use a lot more water than is necessary, and leaky faucets, hoses, or glitchy appliances are all over the place. Take a look around and you might find a way to save water and money.
  3. Clean out your p-traps! Spending a few minutes under the sink to clean out some grossness from the drain is easy to do and could play a part in helping you to avoid expensive plumbing issues later.
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