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While social distancing, face masks, and staying at home are probably the best ways to keep ourselves free from COVID-19, most people don’t think about keeping our homes free from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. 

We’ve all learned that person to person contact is the primary way that the virus spreads, but there’s also a chance that the virus could be transferred from surface to surface. Some people have done things to protect themselves from that possibility by leaving incoming packages in their garage for 24 hours, or by setting up “sanitization stations” where they can dip or wipe items they bring into the house with a disinfecting solution.

Another important way to kill the virus in your home is by regularly sanitizing common touchpoints like doorknobs, garage door openers, car doors and trunks, countertops, and light switches. Many commercial products are available that disinfect surfaces, but even a simple solution including 2% bleach can work.

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