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While it used to be a relatively simple part of your weekly routine, these days a trip to the grocery store or leaving the house to shop for other essential items has become a significant challenge. In addition to wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, here are a few things you might do while you’re at the store to help keep yourself free from COVID-19:

  1. Sanitize your hands as often as possible, including when going into or leaving a store. Avoid touching your face with unwashed or unsanitized hands.
  2. Use disinfecting wipes or sanitizer to wipe off carts, basket handles, or card readers.
  3. Minimize how many products you touch, with the goal of touching only the items that you intend to buy.
  4. If it’s possible to do so, use a touchless payment method when checking out. If you do need to handle cash or some other payment method, sanitize your hands soon afterward.
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