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Touchless fixtures are not new – chances are, you’ve seen them in nearly every public restroom you’ve been to. However, many people have never considered having touchless fixtures installed in their homes. What are some reasons why you may want to reconsider?

First, even though it seems like the cost of purchasing and installing touchless fixtures would be too steep of an investment, many of them are quite affordable now, and installation can be fairly simple. Also, over time you may notice that they are more cost-effective than your old fashioned manual-use fixtures. The main reason for this is that you can control the amount of water/soap/paper towel/etc. being used with each activation of the fixture, leading naturally to less waste.

Additionally, it may be good to think about the beneficial effect that touchless fixtures can have on your health. Instead of spreading germs through contact with a handle or button of some sort, touchless fixtures activate without any physical contact, washing away germs instead of transferring them to another surface.

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