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With the summer weather, people love being out and about. However, another thing that likes to be out and about are wasps! Often confused with bees, wasps are also yellow-striped and make a buzzing noise. However, though a bee can sting only once, and then it dies, a wasp can sting multiple times before it dies.

If someone living on your property is allergic to bees and wasps, it is very important to remove any wasp nests that are on site. Some wasp nests are relatively easy to locate, but others can be found in some unique hiding places, like under a deck or inside a home’s siding.

One common suggestion is to spray the nest with wasp spray before attempting to remove it. Additionally, after spraying and allowing some time to pass for the spray to do its’ work, removing the nest could be done at night, when wasps are typically less active – if there are any left after the wasp spray.

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