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Fall (or Autumn, if you’re a stickler for semantics) is a favorite season for most people because tree leaves turn beautiful colors. But how do you feel about raking those (previously) beautiful leaves? Most people hate doing this chore, often preferring to pay their neighborhood teenager a modest sum to do it for them. 

If there is a large number of leaves left on a lawn, it can cause damage. However, a moderate amount of leaf cover will usually not cause too much trouble. If you prefer not to rake them, you have more options than ever in this modern century. You can use a blower instead of a rake, which takes considerably less effort, or you can attach a bagging attachment to your lawnmower.

The preferred method for many homeowners, though, is mulching the leaves. Some leaf types have been shown to reduce weed growth, and can even release added nitrogen into the lawn soil, promoting growth. Why not give it a try this fall?

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