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When they’re in the store, most people only give brief thought to the operating cost of appliances. Sure, the yellow sticker that talks about energy efficiency makes sense, but often, it’s the major down payment involved that most people are thinking about. Nowadays, though, that operating cost is a lot more obvious, since people are using their appliances more than ever. How can you make sure your increased use of your appliances is not reducing their lifespan?

Think about the placement of your appliances. Especially if they have some sort of cooling system or vent, you’ll want to give them plenty of breathing room, since overheating can greatly reduce their efficiency and lifespan.

Also, make sure you’re performing regular maintenance. This doesn’t have to be an intense undertaking. Cleaning filters where appropriate, checking electrical cords, and tightening things up can play a big part in keeping your appliances in great condition.

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